Visual Exploration

Unzip the image files, e.g. from your Drive.

!zip -r /content/drive/MyDrive/2024-01-09-Bauernproteste/ media

Import the CSV-File exported from Gephi. Set sample_size to your desired number, I recommend a low number, e.g. 5.

import pandas as pd

gephi_file = "/content/drive/MyDrive/2024-01-09-Bauernproteste/2024-01-11-Google-Vision-Graph-w-modclasses.csv"  #@param {type:"string"}
sample_size = 5 
gephi_df = pd.read_csv(gephi_file)

Render the Sample: Hit run for the next cell to create an HTML view of image classifications. The HTML will also be saved to file, check the files in the left pane for a file named {formatted_date}-Gephi-Mod-Classes-Visualisation.html to download the document to your computer. The file includes the base64 encoded images.

# See linked notebook for code.